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Nasdaq is just 5% from record highs and Consensus 12m Fwd EPS is down 11%...


NDX only down 33 and change, relative strength today. 5/19/20
COTrader - The Range RoverCOTrader - The Range Rover
Soon modern portfolio theory will be comprised of a 2 asset portfolio menu - 1) cash and 2) NDX! No need to allocate to bonds (which don't pay you anything and the Fed is buying anyway) or the Dow, SPX, or Small Caps (which don't appreciate fast enough). 5/19/20
Sounds bullish. Negative numbers are all the rage these days. 5/19/20
Yeah I think that's true of anything with a ticker though right? As price goes up EPS goes down. Unless of course the company representing the ticker symbol is also increasing profits exponentially. 5/19/20
Uhh, EPS got nothing to do with share PRICE. Has everything to do with # of shs outstanding. 5/19/20