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NYSE Summation Index with Parabolic SAR (11/6/13) 

I'm n the mood for shorts!


You ole' bear, you... 11/6/13
Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
with summation and NASI on sell and the market holding, it really shows how strong and resiliant the market is.  
Yes, Ok, there is a good chance of a dip coming but the extremes are setting up for a nice XMAS rally, or anyway it is in the pipe. I have gone to cash till the end of NOV. Gunna be fun couple of months i think. OK I will be gone for a few weeks, as we have family here in OZ, so have fun and happy trading slopers. 11/6/13
Watching for this flip closely with NASI having already switched to short.  
Market was slightly up today but breadth was decently negative. Usually a pretty good tell... 11/6/13