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$USDJPY is in a channel on the 15 minute chart. I believe that USDJPY isn't going any higher than the top of this channel and certainly very unlikely to go higher than 11024. I think that it is worth shorting this down to the 10825 area. Have placed a small spreadbet on this. Only £1.40 a point. If it goes down to 10825 that will bank £250 from an initial outlay of only £20 i.e. 12.5x. Almost as good as cryptocurrencies. Government health warning: Do not risk what you cannot afford to lose.


Update: Price has moved up through the top of this channel but the high thus far has been 11022.3. I guess we'll find out soon enough if the unemployment statistics push this up any further. 9/1/17
Have moved my stop higher to escape current worst case channel to 11048. 9/1/17
Despite going down after farm payrolls. It moved up to 11050.2 and wiped out my stop. The move happened in less than 1 minute from 11020. 9/1/17