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Nothing new under the sun. These are the kind of markets where ATR shines. If you want a precedent from history, take the run up in DJI in 1928. From late Oct 1928 to late Nov 1928, the Dow launched into a short term uptrend that lasted 24 trading days. ATR would have got you in at 256.83 and out at 288.03 for a 12% profit. Notice also, that all of that 12% was immediately given back in a 3 day downtrend, which started 2 days after ATR reversed back down. Which was then followed by an even larger short term uptrend to new all time highs....  

That being said... big trading opportunities abound at the moment. Get rid of your bias, and make some money with Rev.


How does that translate to today? 2/15/17
More importantly, 'splain the ATR thingy again, because I'm not seeing ATR turning down there at all. In fact, it goes up on the selloff. . . what's the signal again? 2/15/17
^^^ what he said :) 2/16/17