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Weagle BunnyWeagle Bunny
@moneymiser21 see above. we shall see if it comes true once again. 1/18/15
Using CLH15 chart I'm seeing a well defined falling wedge pattern with a volume reversal day last week, with a breakout and yesterday as a test/retest of trendline breakout. Euro currency may be same situation which would conceivably move crude prices higher.... ahh who knows maybe I'm in denial.. 1/21/15
Weagle BunnyWeagle Bunny
I see downward pressure with another test of the 46.50-46.70 area. having a tough time holding below there. We see a break with some conviction, i see a move down to the 41 area. If not, and the area holds, could see back up to the mid 50's 1/21/15