View: Russell 2000 - Weekly - 3.3.2016.png

Russell 2000 - Weekly - 3.3.2016.png

Russell 2000 weekly chart. This is not investment advice.


Well, when looking at that RUT chart all I really see is a consistency for past year of lower lows and lower highs. Not saying you are wrong yet, but to me the interpretation of HnS, flags, resistance lines, etc could be read the other way just as easily. So you say no investment advice, but can you guarantee the RUT low for year is in?;) 3/3/16
007Dad: you are exactly right. I could be wrong just as much as anyone could...but I don't think I will be ;)  
This is why markets are so much fun, as well as frustrating. Differing opinions yield markets. Without disagreement, markets would move in straight lines. 3/3/16
Holy Hand GrenadeHoly Hand Grenade
What makes you believe that we are in a bull market? The last time I looked most major stock markets, domestic and international, were down on the year. 3/3/16
@Holy: What makes you believe we aren't in a bull market? We are within 9% of all-time highs on the DOW in this supposed "bear market". Sooo scary. 3/3/16