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Is it nothing again??? 
This time @2190 nothing bad at the horizon was anticipated (vix, vvix, vxv,skew) contrary to june


WAG, but maybe it looks like the Dec rate hike, but the drop in vix for no hike, then it slowly dawns on everyone that they can't hike. 9/14/16
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
If everybody would realize that the fed is not gonna raise rates and start a new easing cycle that's not gonna happen in the vacuum even if the process is relatively slow 
End of tightening cycle means problems ahead and not behind! 
And the fact that the market WILL be supported doesn't mean we won't crash first (pricing in all the potential problems and new paradigm) then recovering (but if the dollar fall at the same time the market recovers it's only nominal gains) 9/14/16
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