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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 
PG 1989 ‧ Fantasy/Teen film ‧ 1h 31m 
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Rotten Tomatoes 
92% liked this movie 
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DescriptionBill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) are high school buddies starting a band. However, they are about to fail their history class, which means Ted would be sent to military school. They receive help from Rufus (George Carlin), a traveler from a future where their band is the foundation for a pe… MORE 
Release date: February 17, 1989 (USA) 
Director: Stephen Herek 
Box office: 40.5 million USD 
Budget: 10 million USD 
Screenplay: Ed Solomon, Chris Matheson 
Critic reviews 
An insanely effective no-brainer of a film, sparkling with a simple charm and energy rarely witnessed this side of illegal substances. Full review 
Ian Nathan 
Some movies are irresistible junk food for the brain -- short, sweet, and so entertaining you want to watch them over and over again; this is one of those. Full review 
Heather Boerner 
Common Sense Media 
Audience reviews 2/15/19
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Yes it is, Thanks so much. SOH still an interesting, enjoyable place. 
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