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NYSE Composite - Monthly - 8.3.16.png

NYSE Composite - monthly. This is not investment advice.


5* for turning bear. But isn't Gartman turning bear too? 8/3/16
Great chart thanks! 8/3/16
@Silver_Singu: Since you love log charts and log trendlines so much, why don't you try and draw this same chart I did here, using a log price and draw a trendline based on that. See what happens. I'll save you time, you aren't going to get as clear a channel as the NYSE has formed here with a linear channel. The NYSE respected this lower linear trendline 5 times and also acted as support at the greatest bear market in history. Oh, but linear trendlines aren't valid, I forgot. 8/4/16
@Silver_Singu: Also, had you used this linear graph back in 1995, you would have been made aware that an epic bull market was about to ensue as price broke out above the upper channel. Had you used a log graph, you would not have necessarily known this. Again, I don't care which method you use and you shouldn't care which method I use. I can show you chart after chart of examples of linear trendlines acting as major support/resistance, but that isn't valid because why, you didn't say it is? Lol. 8/4/16
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
Ok thx  
But can you reassure me? 
Those red lines aren't what you anticipate but only jokes, aren't they? 8/5/16