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@TK I 'luff' it. 'Wait for it'  
(This guy's chats is a really great addition to MySlopeCharts. 

Please. please... Make it so! (I know Slopers, it's confusing. Just look at the pretty colors, they really do make sense.) 

My favorite is black, on a green background (just think 'Upper left to Lower right.) It's kind of like a treasure map for the younger crowed.  

Seek black bars and big red lower panels. Sorry man, don't mean to offend. We hardly know each other. And I really only am just starting to understand your stuff. ღ ʸᵉᵃʰ 

Keep bringing your unique charts on and edumacate us. Perhaps you are due for a header post. I think I missed your last one? A little colonoscopy got in the way. (Care to please share your SOH or other Links?) 

Functioning again on 4 tubes (rotfl), please don't tell Doc. A little sip of bourbon works too. 

As you know I have a dark sense of humor sometimes. Doc is darker, though. ๏๏ (Doc, please don't ban me again ---->>> "lol") And if their ar


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