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My PRIMARY view on /cl direction. 

Yes, we'll nearly revisit the lows from early 2009, if the technical analysis of the bear wedge break on the monthly /cl (continuous) chart holds. 

A "safer" down target is the 1.618 fib projection of that bear wedge break at $50.30 (and if we get there, psychological factor of $50.00 will kick in on both sides of the trade) 

Note how the acceleration down began on the monthly /cl chart in July 2014, at the same time as the acceleration UP began on the /dx (chart- 

One key factor between /dx & /cl is that /dx broke above its wedge-line resistance on the monthly chart one month AHEAD of /cl breaking down out of its wedge support (Sept. 2014 for /dx vs. Oct. 2014 for /cl). This indicates that if the Yen cycle holds for 2015, oil's bottom should occur about one-month after the dollar does.


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