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2000 was the top of the kondratieff cycle


Why was 200 the top of the Kondratieff cycle, 50 year K waves? 9/17/16
*2000 not 200 9/17/16
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
well because this chart shows you that what was money before (the $ was tied to gold at a fix price before) is outperforming. 
So if we still were using gold as money the top of the stock market would be in 2000 and it would still be the top today. 
And I don't think we gonna see the same "price" again 9/17/16
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
And the 50y cycle is not a calensar, it would be too obvious 
Timing is what's the hardest and by far in finance. 
Saying what's cheap and what's not is really easy 9/17/16
Understood. It's just been so long since anyone has been as clever to reference our dear old friend Nikolai K.. Much appreciated Frenchy ( I surf Biarritz btw) 9/17/16
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very nice spot to surf 
Lucky man :) 
can I come with you newt time? ^^ 9/18/16
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Moi je m'appelle Brice de Nice.... 9/18/16