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GDX in full momentum but that's looking more like an other bull trap than a reversal IMO


Just Another GuyJust Another Guy
If it dips below 25 I buy. If it pops towards 27 I sell. Either way is a winning play so long as it doesn't reverse. Working like a charm in 2017. Numerology don't lie bro. Roosters Rule The Roost! 2/8/17
Not KnotsNot Knots
Could be that you are right. My early warning momentum signals are saying it is time to lighten up a bit (the catch is that these signals fail in strong bulls with consolidations and no pull-backs). 
Gold 1h chart (the magenta arrows show punch through BB "2stddev" punch through - you often can fade that move and wait for the red 9 candle avg. high-low to catch up.) 
At almost exactly the same time last year, we were very much in similar situation with a blow off top at 1263 on Feb 11 and a pull-back to 1191 only3 days later on Feb 15. 

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