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@MS it's suttle. You not so much! LOL  
Car Talk: @F and plastic parts:  
Thanks @TK for ChartOfTheDay (COTD):  
Here is the COTD "I say we put the migrants to work raking our forest floors like Finland."  
Thanks for the remaining homophobes, White Nationals, Anti-Semetics here on slope. It's great our host is from one of the lovely towns in Northern Cali. @TK doesn't even have problems with the higher taxes. Some other's here continue to bash many aspects of the "Greater" states of CA and FL. "Yes that is another movie plug. This one is really about True Christianity, Some Football and of course semi-naked Hot Guys ( Or perhaps another from a non-christian perspective."Everything is Illuminated". (  
Notice many differences?  
Perhaps Frodo and Harry have more of an understanding, then many 'geniuses' on SOH. Much more than the WH clown ... ... ... with dail


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