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The Last Time Oil Speculators Were This 'Long', Crude Collapsed


Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
Well @ least it can't lose 100$ this time ;) 
People are so dumb, that's incredible how the system can brainwash them! 1/22/17
1SexyStud→ → → "GOODTIME"1SexyStud→ → → "GOODTIME"
Waiting on DeplorablesInCharge to lower the Worldwide Rig Count! 
This will not end well. 98 days and counting! 1/22/17
Just Another GuyJust Another Guy
Good my APC puts aren't going to inflate themselves. 1/22/17
Holy Hand GrenadeHoly Hand Grenade
So many rigs, people. So many jobs. So many patriots. It's gonna be huge. 1/22/17
this time oil price is not so overestimated, but nice correction is very likely 1/22/17