View: Relative strength comparison of silver and gold

Relative strength comparison of silver and gold

Bull Flag Breakout - Silver ETF Poised For Further Gains:


Not worried about the 20-day crossing the 50-day? 8/26/13
Morpheus Trading GroupMorpheus Trading Group
@yazzer, I assume you are referring to the AMZN pullback play, not the SLV trend reversal? Bullish 20-EMA crossover in SLV a few weeks ago, but 20-EMA touching 50-MA on AMZN now. 
Anyway, if the latter, I am okay with the 20 touching or even crossing the 50 MA for a day or two because this often leads to a shakeout that allows the stock to move higher. However, you're correct that this setup is not so good if the 20 MA crosses and stays below the 50 MA for more than a few days (so far, crossover not even confirmed yet). 8/26/13