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Its always different...each time...remember?;) 8/18/16
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
yes this time everybody is gonna win thx to calamity jane(t) 
QE4 is coming after the crash! 8/18/16
Market is also at all-time highs. Not sure how tradeable that is. 8/18/16
yay...strength in numbers 8/18/16
that's what kitty said, burn it down 8/18/16
Sheer increase in vol speaks to increasing use of derivatives by everybody. Same is true in futes, I believe. Further proof of the financialization of the economy (how's that for irony?) So, does the explosion in volume require a reset in the calibration of the signal, ala log charts vs arithmetic charts? And, shall this too pass, or is it the new normal? 8/18/16
Blue DonkeyBlue Donkey
No edge here. Open call interest stopped working more than a decade ago. These days large funds are selling covered calls constantly. Calls are cheap and it makes sense to buy them in trending markets. 8/18/16