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Energy Sector Equities (XLE): A buying opportunity


fibomanfiboman 2/20/16
okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 2/20/16
and when oil hits 1999 may low of 9.99 we talk 2/20/16
9.99? way 2/21/16
Holy Hand GrenadeHoly Hand Grenade
Actually, it just broke below a ten day trendline, so no thank you.... 2/23/16
as I explained elsewhere I dont think that wave 5 of 5 is over.So probably we will see again the lower 50's I dont think though that XLE is going much lower than that.I believe that if someone wants to built a LT position in XLE it is a good time to start getting in 2/23/16
and again check the volume.It is MASSIVE 2/23/16
so I believe that we are approaching a bottom.I am not a bottom fisher to try and enter a trade to the very bottom .I prefer to build my position gradually 2/23/16
Large volume is indeed a harbinger of a building bottom in a downtrend, however, my experience has shown that strong downtrends require volume divergences on each subsequent swing low (ie high volume spikes, but less and less on each new swing low). 2/23/16