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Baby BearBaby Bear
QE4: 2000 points on the S&P 8/13/22
The MickThe Mick
"There goes my shot at managing $600 billion fund with Blackrock." 
C'mon BLK lives Matter.  
"I'm back baby" George Costanza - ca 1997.  
Have a heart. Or not - Fuck them.  
imo, given this year, war in europe, 40 year inflation, supply shortages and none of these will be resolved soon and the markets have rebounded so much and the govt and fed adding to issues; yet the markets discard it as not serious enough; that 25% off the highs this year is all to expect and the bears will be disappointed again and again this year. maybe next year it will be different but one more sell off and then a rally with a positive quarter is what i expect. 8/13/22