View: Ominous Opportune October Offensive..................Evil Plan 91....

Ominous Opportune October Offensive..................Evil Plan 91....

Evil Plan..........91.0 
Ominous Opportune October Offensive

October Surprise Bombshell

Now that Romney's stellar debate performance has made the U.S. presidential elections a real contest. The general election will very likely be decided by the pivotal State of Florida.  He who wins the Sun Shine State wins the presidency, a la hanging chad circa 2000. The Jewish vote is critical.  Benjamin Netanyahu is well aware of this fact.

It is clearly understood that Prime Minister Netanyahu is hell bent on bombing the Iranian regime before they obtain the "bomb", and sooner rather then later. Furthermore, Bibi knows full well that the president will have no choice but to join in with him should Israel launch a preemptive attack on Iran before the election.  Obama obviously understands that if he were to leave Israel twisting in the wind after an Israeli strike, he would lose the Jewish vote, and with it the State of Florida and the presidency.   

The closer the polls the more Netanyahu has Obama at the maximum point of leverage.  He could well determine that this is actually his best chance to force the U.S. to act immediately & decisively.  Bibi may simply decide that he can't afford to wait, as he has no certainty nor confidence that the U.S. will act on Iran promptly, and most importantly in critical time, even after the elections. Thus, if the presidential race remains a dead heat, Benjamin has Barack right where he wants him, and is much more likely to launch the attack before the November vote, and not after.                                                                                                                                                              

Another possibility is perhaps he already has an agreement in hand from Obama, which stipulates the U.S. & Israel will promptly strike together after the sitting president wins re-election. However, it is well known that these two gentleman don't like each other, and thus would not be inclined to trust one another.  After all, a victorious Obama could easily re-neg on such a deal, and end up not being interested in any urgent military action on Iran at all.  Where would that leave trigger happy Bibi?  

Finally, should the polls start to tilt towards Romney, there actually is a compelling case to be made that president Obama would be more inclined to strike with the prime minister right before the election, as it would most likely keep him from losing the presidency.

Strike then win!

Former Ronald Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts may have it right:

Happy Harrowing Halloween


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