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Mr. WizardMr. Wizard
Yep, astonishing. I read it twice and still didn't believe what I saw. 
That was the headline on Marketwatch's home page: "The simple reason the Dow snapped a 9-quarter win streak: Wall Street’s surging ‘fear index’", I've bitched about their market-light news ad infinitum, but this is really over the top. 
In other market news, the market went up on Thursday because it didn't go down, and the fear index went down because stocks went up; that is to say, investors are less scared when stocks go up, but volatility goes up when investors become more scared, however, prices have gone way way up, so investors pushed the fear index down, which made them buy more stocks, except for February, where they got more scared and sold the stocks they just bought. 3/31/18
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
Just proof to me that we aren't in a free market, especially in this sector whose only purpose at this point is to brainwash people with fake news and useless BS. 
"Just think about how dumb the average guy is and then, realize that half of the population is dumber than that" ^^ 3/31/18