Stack It Button

Adding the SocialTrade button to your blog or web site is a great (and free) way to get exposure to a much broader audience. Users will have an easy way to "stack" charts, graphics, and articles from your web site to SocialTrade, which means that the growing universe of SocialTraders will see the item and have the opportunity to go directly to your site.  

In this way, you attract readers that may have never even heard of your site before they saw it featured on SocialTrade. The most recent pages that are stacked to SocialTrade are featured on its home page, which means that the freshest content gets the most attention. By giving visitors to your site the ability to "stack", it provides a convenient way for your readers to organize items of interest while at the same time promoting the content to the outside world. 

Adding the "Stack To SocialTrade" button is a cinch; just cut and paste the code below into your site to place the button wherever you think it is appropriate on your page: 

<a href="" class="socialtrade-stack-button" title="Add to SocialTrade Stack" data-style="large">Add to SocialTrade</a><script type="text/javascript">(function(d){var js,firstJS=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];if(!d.getElementById("socialtrade-js")){js=d.createElement("script");"socialtrade-js";js.async=true;js.src=" jq="+encodeURIComponent(typeof jQuery==="function"?jQuery().jquery:"");firstJS.parentNode.insertBefore(js,firstJS);}})(document);</script> 


If you would like a very quick introduction to SocialTrade, below is a sixty-second video that gives you an overview. (Please note that, with the button on your site, your readers will not have to bother with a "bookmarklet" mentioned on the video, which means they will have a much easier time stacking content for everyone else to see).