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Daily Trading Plan
S and P 500 Market Analysis 2-8-13
S and P 500 Market Analysis 2-4-13
S and P 500 Market Analysis 1-31-13
Economic Insights
S and P 500 Market Analysis 12-19-12
what will get cut if sequestration happens
Trust yourself and not some goofy sell sider.When you are valuing a company, you need to have an income statement, or model, as the hedge fund folks call it. (Just a quick sideline here; when I ask my analyst friends what they are doi...
When I look over my trade logs I can see I've always been a trader that tends to short stocks as oppose to going long.? For one reason or another,? the idea of going against the grain always appealed to me as someone who could take a...
Evening Tape
guns versus homicides
Apple AAPL surges higher into the close
august 2011 market versus today market
Market Analysis
$SPY gaping up again, but what no one is looking is the strength of the $FXY which represents strength in the Yen vs Dollar. Also the weakness in the? financials? as one can see in the $XLF.In the case of the $FXY, I am interpreting t...
SharePlanner Reversal Indicator 3-6-13
S and P 500 Market Analysis 2-8-13
Portfolio Update
S and P 500 Market Analysis 11-13-12
S and P 500 Market Analysis 11-08-12
S and P 500 Market Analysis 11-07-12
Stock Screens
More often than not, following the scan results of the? Stocks Prime for Shorting? can get you in on some trades right before they make a significant move downward. With that you are also able to keep risk at a minimum should the trad...
stocks ready to bounce
Stocks prime for shorting now
Trade Help
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You'll notice that I haven't been very active on the buy side so far this week, and that's not by accident, but by predetermined choice. When the market was declining last week, I was gradually adding positions to the portfolio such a...
Trade Setup
Rockwell Automation ROK swing trade long
Enersis ENI Swing Trade long
Carter Holdings CRI swing trade long breakout
$AMRN Daily Chart - This is my kind of setup, scooping from the bottom up. As long as it holds the 7.53 level, it is an awesome long setup.$BBRY 2 day chart - Weak bounce as usual, I don't even know why it shows up so much on my scren...
Brian (@WallStreetNole) specializes in short-term equities trading, and acts as a personal trading coach and consultant for many traders. He is the creator of SAER trading principles and his day-trading strategies provide traders with...
short watchlist for swing trading

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