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161104 - TICK 60min SMA 250 zone.jpg


Closing Basis - go with the flowClosing Basis - go with the flow
@daButcher Hey Butcher, here is how I look at TICK. First a recap: 
1:49pm - CB: High TICKS probably HOD here. 
1:52pm - Butcher: ???  
2:03pm - p/c index 140, tricky protection seekers into the lift, I was primarily commenting (picture worth a thousand words) on the supposed high TICK signalling the high of the day..................SPY $209 against the Friday structure. 
2:18pm - CB: We'll take another at the EOD. I'm not guaranteeing, just suggesting there's a good chance. Probabilities and all that jazz. 
2:30pm - Butcher: your comment, determining the high is in for the day based upon a high TICK of 600 at the end of the lunch hour is "Probabilities and all that jazz" was the basis of the questioning face picture.......................what's that all about?? 
I find 1min individual TICKs to be too noisy for me so I use a 60 SMA on the 1min TICK. Of course, every day is its own animal and high and low zones vary each day, I mark of +250 as a first extreme and +350 as a second extreme for the upside. It's fairly rare for extremes to be hit repeatedly unless there's a big trend day. 11/4/16