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@Pipes I completely understand. That prostrate is a horrible thing to waste. Ask your "girlz" for some assistance. 

$BTC < 8K 7786.20 Any questions. 

Now follow the algo fib retracements 61.8% is 8110.64, 78.60% is the 4900 area, just not yet! (Never a STRAIT line.)


The DirectorThe Director
South dakota good, north dakota very bad... hm 2/1/18
Useful IdiotUseful Idiot
Sorry to ramble off topic again. 
It's kinda, sorta about percentages........ 
Goodknight........ 2/1/18
yeah, butt those old folks from the NE and S. America/Cuba are taking up space in S. FL and old rednecks keep moving to places North of Palm Beach. Lot's of great hospitals down here to handle the load of broken fingers, Sniper Head shots and old folks dis-eases. Alzheimer rates are very high in this population. 2/1/18
Can't imagine it's any different for Old people relocating from the Great State of California to states such as AZ and NV with much lower tax rates. More conducive weather for their medical conditions. I know lots with homes in Palm Springs and Tahoe. Mostly immigrants in many parts of AZ. 2/1/18
Nice Muzac @Bunghole. Here come the warnings. "LOL" <<-- something about that makes it OK. I tried ROTFLMFAO, :-) and ツ ツ..... Not allowed! 
@Doc "Please Sir, I Want Some More" "LOL" 2/1/18
WishUponWishUpon and a little dark side for @DOC 
Jews are not permitted. Did I tell you I'm spiritual? ha ha ha "LOL" 2/1/18
No Coke, PepsiNo Coke, Pepsi
Interesting that North Dakota is the least healthiest and South Dakota is the fourth healthiest. Makes me question its validity. 2/2/18
oops, not maga: #MASA '¯\_(ツ)_/¯'  
"lol" 2/2/18
I never had a colonoscopy. And as a straight man, I make it a rule to not have anything unnecessarily stuck up my ass :-))))))))))))))) 2/2/18
No.. it's the lab and healthcare in general that are ripping you off.. the Doc is there to help you and all the blood work really is a comprehensive analysis of your overall health! Stuff a Doc could never tell no matter how many exams he gives or how "good" he is! 2/2/18
i'd down with that. 
the interest rates are causing havoc but oversold is oversold, be opening some mid-size longs before the close. 2/2/18
Grin n Bear itGrin n Bear it
Weren't you banned a few days ago? 2/2/18
Costanza! 2/2/18
Uhh....does anything in this post make any sense? I'm kinda/sorta edumacated but, me no follow... 2/4/18