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@TreasureHunter and @ 
I say this in the most loving way: 

Get a room (No not a stable with your beautiful creatures) 

GET A ROOM. (or not, thanks for sharing you two) "lol" 

"Wait For It" 
From love:


The DirectorThe Director
Awesome Tim, thank you 2/8/18
Absolutely a conversation worth having but may not be the right forum. As for medical, I'm not sure how Florida is, but in the communist state of Illinois if you have a FOID (Firearms Owner ID) card, you shouldn't get a medical marijuana card. They can cross reference, take your FOID card because you stated that you don't use drugs. Then they can arrest you for unlawful firearm ownership and take any guns you have that are registered to you. Full disclosure, I've never drank or used drugs while firing my weapons or anyone elses. Just so no one thinks I'm some whack job shooting and taking acid at the same time. 2/8/18