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2018-12-19_5-58-23.jpg (890×445)

2nd ry Comment of the day: 

"yazzer Note 
we will get HUGE bounces - count on that - I made a lot of money playing 3x ETF options going long and short back in 2008....this is going to be fun." 



If you're a bull with a 1-month or less time frame, a dovish Fed may be good news. Longer than that, not so much. 12/19/18
C'mon, Tim - - chart needed to include Feb low.... 12/19/18
Unless you're simply pointing out that Fed watchers are themselves just following the stock market... 12/19/18
If those fedsters do not raise today, they're idiots. one rate change now isn't going to throw the usa into the economic abyss tomorrow; but they might need that rate in 12 to 24 months to reduce by if the slowdown increases. 12/19/18