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Thanks @TK $LIFT or $CRASH Happy Birthday to all of SOH. 

@Dr. I'm having trouble connecting the dots with your latest Theranos comment. Is the cute guy in the vid, her hotel 27 year old magnet? -: 

@DaButcher that B'Day picture was taken at a wonderful little Ft. Lauderdale, FL Bed and Breakfast called the Cabanas in the suburb of Wilton Manors 

/GC continues it's 1300.00 resistance. $GLD breakdown channel IT/LT, $GDX could follow along. 
If you love $TRX at 0.93 you are really going to love it at 0.36 again. 

@PipeSticks 2020 could have two Illinois favorites going after each other. ( Buttigieg and Pence)  

Butt what does this Gay Jew - 1SexyStud know. Probably more than the remaining ignorant AZ Trump base LOL :-)


Collusion Compromise Conflict --->> Impeach 3/30/19