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@Pipesticks 2 terms ROTFLMFAO 

Has the Rat and other GOP forever's finally realized their Goon in Chief is The Big Loser? 

It must be terribly hard to have any sort of concision and still support Trump, Pence, McChicken and the other Losers 

'MERICA IS GREAT even if these fools continue to daily bring the country to lower and lower levels. 

@Cains Britt media must be having a field day with us. Although your new Trump wanna be leader also wants to bring your people to new lows across the pond and through out Europe. 

Why is "Ghina" such a disaster. Oh wait, it always has been. Actor Chump needed to change the conversation. His "best" friend Xi. Ha Ha Ha 

Previous Commerce Secretary up next on Almost there 2nd UPDATE Target 170.xx UPDATE Target 166.XX 200-175=25 (Note Jan '19 gap) W "almost lost the election" WTF ... he did lose. SCOTUS appointed him. Something is wrong when the majority vote does not get the position.... 
\Carlos Gutierrez - "W" Secretary ROTFLMFAO Another Dumb

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