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Would you say they are ahead of the curve if it’s rising? Just because it’s falling doesn’t mean the overall numbers won’t still be high. It’s all relative. To what? No one fuc&ing knows 5/13/20
It is starting to spiral our of control here a bit 5/13/20
Too early. And too many variables. If countries like India and Brazil accelerate C19 it will be bad. Their population density as a peectage of their total pop is high. Poverty is also very high. 
1. Desperation of citizens to earn a wage 
2. Desperation of companies to earn profit 
3. Election cycle 
4. Monthly bills due. We are at 3rd payment since c19 shutdow 
5. Population density vs not dense 
6. How much public transit? Intl airports 
7. If they dont open schools in sep, how can they reopen business? Majority of both parents have no choice but to work. Who will take care of child if schools stay closed? 
8. They will try to reopen everything before sep timed to schools opening. But of cases explode then what? 5/13/20
Also depends on how the debt is restructured. AND what if covid 19 continues to mutate and begins to impact the young? Making the 9+ vaccines being tried now become mute in a yr? 5/13/20