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New S and P price targets. You heard it here first, and early. I will be accepting all manner of liquor and monetary donations through 2050. 

1st target: 4518.18 (easy money) 

2nd target: 6899.13 (UBI,free healthcare, a 2nd plague, and a 5 year drought in Europe would guarantee this outcome) 

3rd target: 10750.02 (accidental detonation of multiple nuclear warheads, war in the sea over Taiwan, 3rd plague, pretty much guarantee this outcome)

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Does this take into account if Yellowstone goes boom? What about when the moons falls to Earth after a mining accident? 3/16/21
Oscar's provisional year-end target for ES is 4260. He has a second target but he's too embarrassed to mention it yet because it's so high. 3/16/21
Dear God, man ... I’m a bull but you are a raging bull. 
Can’t tell from your chart where the 0 and the 100 are anchored. Can you share the 0-100 move you are generating those off of?? 3/16/21
Measured move is all time high coming into the Real Estate bubble and the following low. 3/16/21
Thank you! 3/16/21
4600. 3/16/21
Also just want to clarify: A Fibonacci ratio is a Fibonacci ratio to me. I don't apply them with bearish or bullish intent. Extensions are bullish, retracements are bearish. They are what they are. Over a long enough time frame, any number can be hit, to include zero. As to their usefulness, beauty is in the eye of the bholder. Which line gets hit next is up to you. 3/16/21