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GME - Day 9 

Well now, that escalated quickly. Problem is the meme stock nature of this beast. Chart said short the fuck out of this. 

Did you? 

I didn't. 

Probably bounce hard at $125, watch out.(dotted blue) 

Chart says some other things. How about a $50 price target? Probably get shot, tarred, feathered, and super glued over there in Redditville for suggesting such a thing. $25 possible later on.

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Covered this one at the bottom of the previous thread. 12/13/21
Thanks for the heads up. I checked it out. Wasn't in the mood to sort through the Covid bullshit tonight. I went straight to CHARTS! 12/13/21
Worthless widow-maker. Know the type only too well. 12/14/21