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Where oh where do the gold miners bottom? There are several options, but when it happens it'll be without the follower bugs who've been led astray once again by the dogma spewing leader bugs.


Dead Man TradingDead Man Trading
After getting kneecapped with a crowbar by my long gold position at the start of the month, I finally got out at 1740 expecting to re-enter lower. I dipped my toe back in the water at 1704 this morning and will probably add around 1675 if we get there. Still think this is going to be a fantastic trade for the 2nd half. I just hope my limbs are intact when it finally starts going my way:) 7/20/22
Statistically @DeadManTrading you've entered at the right time of the calendar year. End of July through to beginning September usually pays out for PMs. 7/20/22
Poor Fleckenstein, his positions PAAS NGD WDOFF slaughtered. He holds on with a death grip. 7/20/22