View: Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed - Best Rant! - YouTube

Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed - Best Rant! - YouTube

Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed - Best Rant!

OccupyWallStreet protester, Chris Savvinidis, with a spot-on & passionate speech re Ending the Federal Reserve, Minimizing the Federal Government, Ending the Fractional Reserve Banking System, Ending the Monetary Fiasco that is the government-controlled FIAT money system & Ending the Wars that were engineered to make the richest 1% even richer. We also need to have an independent audit and inventory of all the gold reserves in the USA. We need to hold the Bankers and Elite responsible for their crimes against humanity... End the Fed, End the Wars & End the Corruption!!

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Update - 10/3/11 @ 9:00 PM EDT:

I found Philip Small's blog post ( of this amazing protest speech by Chris, YT user CptnMidnite (, on 9/30/11.

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Update - 10/4/11 3:00 PM EDT:

The Patriot in this video, Chris, commented:

"Hi, I'm the guy from the video, please excuse me if i wasn't clear on some of my points as i came across I had been talking and educating some of the lost people all day. If you were listening to the Glenn Beck Show I didn't mean to abolish fractional banking, that's essential, but i believe that the ratio should be something like 4/1 not 10/1. I AM NOT for ending capitalism, i believe in the free markets, i believe in ending corporatism. We need true laissez faire capitalism."


"I'm the one from the video I do not support obama he is a representation of the corporations not the people."

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Update - 10/6/11 9:00 PM EDT:

Message from "Chris" aka Cptnmidnite:

"Hey, I will heading down to the OWS movement tomorrow and urge all who've shown support to join me. Hopefully after educating people on the fed and all things connected (corporate marriage with politics, military industrial complex) we can bring our protest to the NY Feds front doorstep. This is where our voices will be heard. a fellow patriot has taken the initiative to start a face book group which i urge you all to join"

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Update - 10/9/11 1:00 PM EDT:

Chris answered questions on 10/7/11 re his End the Fed rant, which is attached as a video response, now. It can also be viewed, directly, here:

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