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U.S. Homeowners vs Renters 1966-2013

When Real Estate Deflates, Owners Become Renters 

This chart shows the major shift in sentiment and ability when the booming U.S. housing market busted in 2008.  

The weak hands folded and the rates of home ownership plummeted. The year over year change in ownership in 2013 was negative 27,800 while domicile rentals increased 525,500 Y/Y. 
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Changes in the percent bearish have a contrary correlation, particularly at key turning points.
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Made some excellent money and restructured my real estate portfolio due to that. Was a buyer with zero cash in deals from 2003 to spring of 2005. Saw values nearly double. Out by fall of 2005 and waited. Cash buyer of FNMA bulk packages in 2010-2011. Traded those homes into apartment buildings in Las Vegas about a year or so ago. 10/20/14
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What happened in 2001? A plague in Canada? 10/20/14