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Last chance dip buying opportunity?

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It is? I’d buy an expiring straddle or strangle. Not pick direction, like I did last time; big mistake. High gamma. Low DTE. Small size. Thanks for calling it to my attention. 1/23/21
No weekly options available.  
The best I can do along these lines would be to: 
- buy (not sell) the Feb 19 {130c-140c} + 
- buy {not sell} the Feb 19 {135p-125p} covered strangle (two o-t-m bull spreads — the risk diagram resembles an Iron Condor’s)  
@ $8.50 
sell @$14.25 GTC ... if I could get it ... doubtful ... ). Very wide b/a spreads in all four Feb 19 options series. I wouldn’t dream of selling it, not with that pattern visible; or picking direction. After what GME did the other day? No. I am suitably chastened... . 1/23/21
Excuse me. Typo. Sell @12.25. Not @ $14.25. It’s not a 20pt wide spread. It’s a 15pt wide spread. 1/23/21