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Chart of the day – Trading Channels

Thanks Bouraq!  

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Two greatest comedians: 
and Robin 

Thanks @Pipes Nov. 6 should be interesting. DJT lost the majority of the people. Lost by Millions, lies, deceit.  

Yes, we are speaking about our trading markets. 

Nanu Nanu! ​(◉‿◉)


@claws Thanks for your British insights. So why is your nation having such a problem with Muslims? Or for that matter, Africans (ie. blacks) are now "totally" accepted in England and UK"? Yet, Irish are not? BREXIT is an interesting continuation of race riots. Never mind the Asians, OH MY! Yes, the UK has mostly "accepted" Homosexuals. Do you have a fag, I can smoke? Most londoners are VERY gay friendly, the rural communities, not so much. Similar to most western countries. (Think USA, South!) Think Westies in Australia! Think Texass! 11/2/18
@POTUSshithole It's really weird. A lot of Americans think that we have problems with muslims. Genuinely it isn't like that. I think that the Irish are accepted by 99%. Some of our most famous celebrities and most popular singers have Irish accents. I think that the UK is very gay friendly (very different from the way it was back in the early 80s) and even in the rural areas. Once again many of our biggest talk show hosts are gay. In fact, at least one is gay and Irish and he's very popular indeed. 11/3/18