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I like trying new stuff and seeing how other people chart, so I went after the article above over there in Slope Charts. 

I accidentally ended up converting the gentleman's hypothesis into a logarithmic translation in the process. 

The big difference would be we are testing the megaphone now, twice in fact, in log land. Additionally, the dotted green is midpoint of an enormous channel containing all price since 2007, which for me marked the point where the market would have decided to advance to the next new ATH or not. 

Now I kinda want to see what happens with the 2 different styles of looking at the same question... 

EDIT: This market has brewed up some scary dang megaphones in the last 2 decades. This one here at the end is pretty spooky too. It is however a point of fact that a few trillabazillion magically shows up whenever they start to play out to the downside...

Image added via SlopeCharts


It's entirely plausible the FED and government see the endgame here as Tim described in his video. What's to say they don’t QT with their right hand and offbook trillions into the economy/banks/market with their left hand? Over the last 2 years, is there any belief that Powell, Biden or Fauci are telling the truth regarding anything? 5/6/22