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@Grin "Seriously, how many Neo-Nazi's/skin heads do you know? How many live in your neighborhood? This white supremacist stuff is exaggerated leftist BS!"  
O'Really?? As a Gay Jewish Man in S. FL I can assure you Neo-Nazi Skin Head Redneck Homophobic anti-semitics are live and well here.  
They even go to the christian church down the road, some attend temple.  
Yes, most are very old and "stuck in their ways". Some are veterans. Probably a few reading these comments, too.  
How do you know if you are a racists, if you only watch FOX Fake News (FFN)?  

One old women still refers black people as "colored". She still has not caught on, when I ask what color they are?  
She squints when I ask Green? Blue? or Purple? A wonderful christian neighbor lady. I'm convinced her family are KKK, but I have not seen the hoods yet.  

Is @MS and @POTASS Neo-Nazi/skin head supporters? Apparently, POTASS said they are good people. Even when they run over people in their vehicles.

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The Vulcan Sloper akaGrinThe Vulcan Sloper akaGrin
Shut up! Another bozo! 8/16/19