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Shorted PLTR today.

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Weagle BunnyWeagle Bunny
oof. my heart. I will say, I would like a pull back to buy more. I currently have 60 shares with average price at $9.50. I would like to have about 500+ 6/2/23
That is an "oof"...why not take some profit then wait for pullback? 6/2/23
Weagle BunnyWeagle Bunny
That question is a lot deeper than what you think it is, but it's my long term buy and hold account.  
I deposit $1k/month into it and disperse the money across stuff I like that is on a discount. Then I do a bunch of research and start building small positions on other things. It's fun. Would be up quite nicely if I didn't buy as many FRC shares as I did. 6/2/23