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Ominous-looking bar on GLD today.


Indeed - all the gains have been already baked into the cake. If stocks are toast, and gold is toast (for now) - all that is left for me is SHY, IEI, etc. 12/19/18
Thanks @Violet and sorry again.... 
Cramer "Buy Buy Buy" $DZZ 
$GLD to 115 again! 
Careful she is Violent, oops Shirley! (see comment on previous post, no harm intended. )#MeToo BLACKkKLANSMAN a Spike Lee Film 12/19/18
Prof Doom, I'm happy with shorting ops all around, stalking through any rise we get. 12/19/18
@Carnac - late 1970's not so simple, yet similar: 12/19/18
NO FLY: 12/19/18
waving @ Ohio @GreenBuckeye $DZZ 12/20/18
I expected the normal "BAD" right at the end - reminds me of "Im Bad" by Micheal Jackson 12/20/18