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Sept 4, 2018 - STYLE SUMMARY - Swing trader using options. Always long AND short to varying degrees (which has done wonders for removing incredibly harmful bias).  
BIO: I placed my first trade in 2007 and spent the majority of the past 11 years being a student of the markets. Easily have put in 12,000hrs over the years. Out of discouragement and lack of time, I took a year and a half off starting in early 2017 to raise my infant son and thought I was finished trading for good having had no consistent success prior (despite years of seemingly being on the edge of becoming consistent). However, circumstances have led me back. I've made probably every mistake I could have. It took this long to finally learn that there is no skipping steps in trader development. I've had time to think over what was wrong before and it comes down to impatience (FOMO without proper rule definition and testing). I'm currently writing up my trading plan in full and papertrading to forward test and build confidence in the system I've built. I believe the steps of trader development are 1. to study and understand the markets and create a system that fits you and the strengths and weaknesses you bring to the table, 2. to papertrade that system to prove its profitability before 3. putting real money at risk within a trading business plan to define everything you need to make decisions (identifying the market environment, how much to risk, when to risk, how to enter-take profits-exit, and provide ongoing feedback on trade results). 
FAVOURITE BOOKS: Beyond the Matrix (Van Tharp), Trading in the Zone (Mark Douglas), The Daily Trading Coach (Dr. Brett Steenbarger)

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