View: Fantastic Fall Free Fall……….Evil Plan 999 (by BDI) | Slope of Hope

Fantastic Fall Free Fall……….Evil Plan 999 (by BDI) | Slope of Hope

Evil Plan 999 FFFF

Well, my fellow Slope-a-Dopes, we are heading straight into the fierce fiery ferocious fangs of FFFF!  And yes, macro event risk & economic data points can and will have an immediate impact on our capital markets.

Just to be crystal clear for you overly obtuse trend following baboons.  If you can’t recognize the fact that over the past five years the market has repeatedly succumbed with violent reactions and distinct responses which were directly attributed to macro event risk and economic data points, then your heads are so far up your collective asses, that even an Idiot Savant can’t help you pitiful pompous piss ants;-)

Perhaps the following laundry list of market moving macro events shall illuminate your dull dim medullas:

The numerous specific financial industry events that precipitated the sub-prime crisis (Bear Stearns, ML, Lehman, AIG…etc)The TARP announcement and Congress’s ensuing deliberations over itThe Fed’s policy response of ZIRP & QEThe Dubai near defaultThe Greek Riots that prompted the Flash crashThe Gulf oil spill catastropheThe Fukashima TsunamiThe Alphabet soup of policy responses to the European Sovereign dept / EURO crisisThe Greek electionsThe Andalusia!The Beppe Grillo!The various Angela & Mario policy announcementsThe US dept ceiling crisis & balanced budget debateThe FOMC statementsThe Taper Tease TantrumThe Various Chinese politburo Fiscal Spending & Bank Credit announcementsThe Arab SpringThe Shinzo Abe’s Yen devaluation surpriseThe Sadistic Syrian Subterfuge

………And, the countless other ST event risks that I have probably failed to address here.  All of which had a direct impact on your precious trending markets.  Not to mention, the thousands of Government economic data point releases over the same five year period.

Wake up, you capricious clueless clowns, nearly every one of these macro events were sudden short term developments that could have been carefully considered, potentially anticipated and certainly expected to have a direct and profound impact on our various global capital markets.

This is exactly where DOOMS & BOOMS can be an effective trading tool and methodology; positioning oneself with cheap, cheap, cheap, deep, deep, deep, highly leveraged OTM trades, which often instantaneously vaporize before your very eyes or sometimes provide explosive pays outs which are better than sex!  The fact that I clearly need to sharpen my pencil and further refine my craft does not invalidate my mad maverick methodology in the slightest.  So blow me, you’re lucky to even know me! 

This epic eloquent twisted tongue lashing directed at you trend following geniuses, or rather, you fabulous fortuitously favored “who’s your daddy profiteers”, leads me to the immediate ST macro developments and concerns which are now staring us squarely in the face:

F1) The US Debt Ceiling debate & Budget deliberations morphs into a deadly dangerous debacle

F2) About Face “Taper Tease” ramifications & repercussions (Recession point of recognition?)

F3) Perpetual ZIRP / QE unintended consequences (Stagflation is upon us?)

F4) Greek, Italy & Spain’s ongoing sovereign debt defaults detonate

F5) Sorted Syrian Settlement Solution Surprises

F6) Jellen with Yellen FED head crucial confirmation

F7) 10 Year Bond Blow Out (Rising rate cycle? FED terrified of higher rates)

F8) Crude Oil price begins to adversely effect economy (MENA flare-up?)

F9) Japanese devaluation dilemma

F10) Chinese wipe out in the works

I will be watching, stalking and anticipating, ready to pounce at a moments notice with my inexpensive highly leveraged BOOMS & DOOMS strategy, in order to determine what might give me the next cheap thrill.  So sorry, I simply have zero interest or tolerance for your decidedly diligent, desperately dull and categorically boring trend trading trance.   Moreover, at the end of the day, your highly touted trend trading prowess may actually be based on nothing more than having identified “who’s your daddy”, which lo and behold is actually a macro event in it of itself!  LOL!

All in good fun my SOH brothers….

Blow me!     Momos, Technos, and Trendos!     All Macro all the Time!

Wait for the blow off top…………………….FFFF is next.

SPX 1469 FFFF Rocknovber Fest here we come.  Enjoy the bombastic brew you boring lumbering boneheads……….

As always, all the best BDI


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