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xlf weekly 3.6.14sc.png

For longer term traders you may be interested in following XLF. This is a f/u of a weekly chart I posted on 8/10/13. I have not changed the target zone since that time. We have a negative divergence and a potential bearish divergence in the RSI. Together these often lead to an intermediate trend reversal. Despite the advance in price the volume has remained low and we are almost at a 62% retracement. No guarantees in this crazy bull market but seems like good chance of a reversal soon. But best to wait for a "sign" (ie favorable candlestick formation or trend line break) Best to ya. Tom B


One of my breadth charts says 2% move soon, and NASI SAR may move to sell within 10 days. and if they start thinking about april earnings, they'll want to lighten up on the number of long shares they own, immediately 3/6/14