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declining-wages.png (534×508)

Wages vis a vis education


All according to plan. The (relatively) upscale/wealthy middle class in this country simply had too much money/privilege for the all those things are being slowly eroded away until the (former) USA looks like all the other sh*tholes in this hemisphere like Brazil, Argentina, etc: An elite/upper-crust who owns EVERYTHING and the rest of the 99% riff-raff that's competing for table scraps as indentured servants and debt-slaves. 
Sad thing is, most of the aforementioned "riff-raff" doesn't see it or even cares: They'll dutifully pull the levers labled "D" or "R" (as instructed) without even considering that this isn't a single difference between either of those groups of criminals. 
\end of rant. 12/22/15