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But be carefull!


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Don't trade Silver on leverage 
50% flash crash is not impossible in this manipulated electronic market and I guess that's precisely what gonna happen when they'll need to let it rise. 
one step forward two steps back! 
Remember, last circuit breaker is a 12$ move (!), and I think they will be used precisely for that. 
If the market becomes illiquid it could become a nightmare for longs (first) AND shorts (after) who have leverage bets on this market. 
The mother of all short sqeezes (long term perspective) is brewing... 7/21/16
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to lerevage this market you can buy call option and you have no risk to lose more than your investment (you only have the counterparty risk) 7/21/16
Wouldn't you want to buy puts? 7/24/16
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Yes of course! 
If you want to expose yourself it's the only way to know exactly what you can lose if we already bottomed . 
I think the biggest short squeeze is comming soon or later and will be caused by liquidity evaporing dramatically 7/24/16
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Best example is EUR/CHF  
Some people found themselves with negative accounts of minus $500 000 overnight because liquidity was inexistant during the majority of the move so the stops couldn't work 
That's how a manipulated market ends when it becomes unsustainable! 
The same argument could be applied to stocks if they were manipulating them to the downside instead of upside. 7/24/16