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Log scale vs linear scale 

Sorry for faults, I'm french and learned english by myself


Closing Basis - go with the flowClosing Basis - go with the flow
The general rule I've been told is that any chart that comes close to or doubles in price is better being viewed in log scale, but if you're looking at less than that, linear scale is ok, too. To each their own though. I use log scale for everything, but I notice that for some charts that I have in my spreadsheets, some patterns are clearer in linear scale. 9/14/16
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The less the performance is, the more the linear chart will look like the log chart 
Again I'm not saying that linear charts and technical analysis on them are useless but that most people doesn't understand what their analysis means for performance when they are doing it 9/14/16
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don't understand... I know ;) 9/14/16
Salut ! I'm french too. I'm not a Sloper yet. Are they many Slopers frogs ? 9/15/16
The difference between log vs linear scale is something learned in the equivalent of 3rd grade technical analysis school. It isn't difficult to understand and I'm willing to bet that anyone who has used charts for more than 3 months has been exposed to the differences and understands them. 9/15/16