View: Evening Tape for June 20 | SharePlanner

Evening Tape for June 20 | SharePlanner

Quick Glance at the Market Heat Map and Industries


Utilities, Consumer Goods, and Basic Materials weigned on the overall market Tech and Healthcare, though not great, did better than the rest. 

SharePlanner Compass:

Yup that's right, full blown uptrend in place.  

The Chart of the Day...

Pretty much what makes Facebook (FB) tick....

Evening Articles 

And of course...the RIDICULOUS!

Since the NBA Finals is upon us and expected to go on throughout the week (assuming OKC can win at least one game) I'm dedicating this week's "Ridiculous' to basketball funnies - JaVale McGee has gotta be my new favorite basketball player - Sports Center couldn't even fabricate a one-man bloopers show like this guy has done. 

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