@EMB145, me thinks they are just getting started.  

Yep, couldn't agree more. "I know nothing" 
Mother, should we build a Wall? 

Please break my balls. Why aren't more people liking Sinead O'Connor running for POTUS? 

Seriously, could it be worse than our "ShitHole" POTUS? 

@EMB145 Perhaps a little chill "purple rain', NEW 'normal' people always scare the shit out of many here. Careful 'Darling' 
,,, I know I scare the shit of the 'normal' when I 'arrive' 

Throwing kisses, love, love, love and kisses, kisses and love, kisses and love to all admires of humanity.  

Oh stop you old timers, just throw flowers, loves, hugs and kisses. 
This too shall pass!  

oops I threw up a little in my mouth and you really don't want to know what came out the other side. ROTFLMFAO..... (my depends are firmly in place) 

Nothing compares to the Slope-of-Hope regular crew. 


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