View: The Sting (Evil Plan 9.0 by BDI) - Slope Of Hope with Tim Knight

The Sting (Evil Plan 9.0 by BDI) - Slope Of Hope with Tim Knight

The Sting 
Evil Plan 9.0

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Well, after last weeks abject failure of EP 7.0, I would not expect too many of you to give my current thoughts much credence.  I wouldn't blame you, as I am quite perplexed at the moment myself.  I simply have a very hard time comprehending why the leaders of the free world are seemingly just sitting on their collective hands as Rome burns. 

As you know, I have been expecting the Globalists to act in a forceful manner for some time now.  The only card left in their lousy hand, is yet another injection of massive liquidity on a truly global scale.  Giving the proverbial can one last powerful boot, in the hope that liquidity now, along with spending cuts later, and budget restructuring down the road will do the trick.  Not too sure it will work, but it's really all they can try at this point.  Yet, why have they not played this hand by now?

FWIW, the following is my take, and the only way I can rationalize what is behind this non action, and what I think is about to occur:

As you all must know by now, this weekend an important meeting is taking place in Washington D.C.  Our illustrious world financial leaders are all to attend.  The following Global institutions will be represented, IMF/WB/ECB/BOE/BOJ/BOC, and all the G20 finance ministers / treasurers will be there as well.  

At this critical juncture, they must all realize that they have to act here & now!  They really have no choice in the matter.  I mean really, is there anyone left on the planet that does not see that the current world wide state of economic affairs is a ticking time bomb.  Staggering unemployment, depressed housing, anemic GDP, faltering banking systems, depressed equity markets, insolvent government budgets, political paralysis, mass street protests, Middle East instability..........the list goes on and on and on.  In light of all these deplorable and desperate conditions on a global scale, how could they possibly do nothing.  Any more signs of indecision by these clowns, will clearly send Europe over the edge into utter chaos, and most likely cause a Global depression.

Why, oh why, have they not acted on Europe yet???  Well, we all know the obvious reasons, Europe's political paralysis, the structural dilemma within the EURO zone, the European banks' reticence to accept hair cuts, Germany's inflexible bull headedness, Greece's incompetence....blah...blah...blah.  So why do I see them finally acting now?  So here is THE question. 

Bernanke knew damn well that his FOMC statement citing worsening and ominous global economic conditions would send the markets into a nose dive, yet the man that underpinned the markets at all cost for the past 3 years, curiously did not act, and signaled no significant monetary action.  Why would he do this?  What, and who, was behind it?

After much deliberation in my twisted mind, my conclusion is that the snake Tim Geithner was behind this. Remember, while in Poland last week, after making the bold assertion that he had resolved the Euro crisis solution, offering a TARP program via a FED/ECB forced liquidity measures, he was unceremoniously dismissed, and patently re-buffed by the Europeans. Well, Timmay was none to pleased by this rude rejection.  So after some cunning consideration, he master minded Evil Plan 9.0. 

The plan was to engineer a temporary market meltdown, which would scare the piss out of the Europeans, especially reluctant Germany, so as to coerce them to take his prescribed medicine, and immediately fix the mess.  He would also conveniently use the very same market scare tactic to take down all commodities, lowering inflation expectations in one stealth swoop, as he knew full well that the USD would get a turbo boost from the market panic & unresolved Euro mess. 

Finally, and most importantly, he and Bernanke knew that they need IMF cover to initiate further QE, as the world's Nations & U.S Congress have been seriously questioning the validity, consequences, and desirability of further quantitative easing.  Thus, they went ahead and put the tax cheat's evil plan in motion.

So now you know why and where we are.  And yes I firmly believe they will act in Washington, watch for a forceful and decisive statement before the markets open Sunday night.  And, what else could it involve other then massive new liquidity measures.  Yes my friends, a FED inspired TARP for the European banks, and a Greek restructuring package are on the menu.  Tmmay will get his lavish meal, as he always does, and global QE3 is the main course! 

I for one, am desperately hoping for Sunday's bold announcement by these buffoons, as It should give the markets a much needed bounce, in particular the PMs.  As my hair is on fire, and I desperately need to get out of the white metal calamity I unwittingly placed myself in, following my own demented plan 7.0.   

The Sting, Evil Plan 9.0 is on...............

  BDI SOH's Idiot Savant (mostly idiot last week)


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